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Painting and Other Services

Auto Painting Services Dubai

Now get your car painted as easy as a pie! Restore your car's total outlook so that you can be assured of getting spotted on the highway. We are here to serve your car with painting and allied services. What all you need to smarten your car's look and posture is available here.You can discover here, services like Painting, Polishing, Denting, Under body rust removal, Headlight restoration, Interior panelling, Caliper painting, Wheel painting and more. Experienced service persons are well prepared and equipped with the right tools to provide you with the services you crave for. Scratches , accidental hits , cracks or ageing can cause your car to look ugly. The appearance of the car one drives can sometimes reflect the attitude of the driver. We help you to totally restore your car's appearance to default or add additional beautification like Caliper painting, Wheel painting, Interior panelling , etc.

What We Do?

Ramooz Premium Services

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Car Body Paint Service in Dubai


Now give your car another look, just let it painted by us. Premier services are available here. Fine spray paints that can mask the scratches and cracks on your Car surface is meticulously applied, followed by perfect polishing.

Headlight repair service Dubai


Polishing service gives extra protection to the car’s outer body. The primary function of the polishing job is to protect the paint.

car dent removal dubai


Denting is the process of fixing the deformed portions on a car’s body. Collision can leave the vehicle deformed and it becomes a huge burden to replace the parts.

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Under Body Rust Removal

Cars can get attacked by rust as days go by, particularly when they are subjected to humid climate and rain falls.

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Headlight Restoration

Restore your car's foggy headlight lenses and let its bright light reach wherever you see. Fix now!

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Interior Paneling

Customise the interior of your car with premium services. Panelling of the interior is done reliably here.

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Caliper Painting

Enhance the appearance and protection of your car's calipers. Paint it perfectly with the colour of your choice.

car painting service Ajman

wheel painting

Painted wheels can get your car's look into another level. Reliable wheel painting services are available here.

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What We Do?

Our Speciality

We are special in providing a variety of services to your vehicles under one roof, everything reliably! Various makes and models of cars are provided services including Painting, Polishing, Denting, Headlight restoration, Under body rust removal, Interior panelling, etc. Under our painting service comes body painting, wheel painting and caliper painting. Glossy colours of your choice are applied on cars with perfection. We help to save your device from scratches by offering our polishing service, using top-notch chemical substances. Denting services are provided in no time, wherein we restore disfigured car body, due to collisions. Customised interior panelling services are provided here and you can get your car's interiors designed and shaped as you aspire. Latest facilities including premium machineries, paints and chemicals are all set here so that the services are provided at high quality, without any flaws. Underbody rust removal service is provided at its best to any kind of four wheelers. This service is aimed at increasing the longevity of the usage of the vehicle body and protecting from corrosive environment. You can also avail headlight restoration services by which you can get your car's foggy, old headlight restored to normal. If you seek the best, choose us.

Why Choose Ramooz Car Care Dubai

Auto Painting Services Dubai

At RAMOOZ CARS DENTING & PAINTING, we consistently go above and beyond to care for our customers and their vehicles, which is critical for us to provide the best auto detailing. To obtain the ultimate flawless finish on your automobile, we only use the finest products on the market that have already been tried and proven. We treat your vehicle as if this is our own. Your pride and delight are secure in our hands. We have extensive knowledge and know-how to get the greatest outcomes with the most prominent equipment. We will treat every car individually. We not only have years of experience, but we also offer a clean, comfortable work environment. Our skilled technicians will treat your vehicle like a Royal in a cutting-edge work environment. The items we use are meticulously chosen for what your automobile requires, beginning with best car painting Ajman, 3M car polishing Ajman, car denting Ajman, car underbody rust removal Ajman, headlight restoration, and interior car panelling Ajman. We strive for the best possible outcome, but more notably, for the quality they bring.


What our clients say


1 Do you custom mix colours and do you have other colours available at car painting Ajman?

We do custom mix colours. Please see the Paint Chart for a list of all colours that we carry.

2What is the turnaround time for a car dent repair in Ajman?

You should plan on between two days and two weeks. The dent might be repaired in as little as an hour if the damage is eligible for Paintless Dent Repair. The time it takes to fix a car dent might range from a few hours to a few weeks.

3: How long does a 3M car polishing Ajman last?

Car maintenance specialists suggest that the healthy frequency for 3M car polishing is once a year.

4: What wood is used for delivery van panelling Dubai Ajman?

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is the most common type of wood panelling used for interior delivery van panelling Dubai Ajman.

5 What are the methods used by Ramooz Car Underbody Rust Removal Ajman to prevent rusting?

Two methods used by Ramooz car underbody rust removal Ajman which rusting of iron can be prevented are painting and galvanization.

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